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Our Story:

We are a team of antique enthusiasts based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Our aim is to make our mark in the collectibles market by displaying antiques from some of the most interesting and heritage-rich countries around the World such as, The United Kingdom, France, Holland, Japan and China.  We specialize in importing some of the most exquisite antiques dating back to the early 18th Century.

We feel lucky to have discovered our passion for antiques and collectibles and at Antiques Chiang Mai we are aiming to pass on that passion to every person that visits our showroom.
We have been collecting antique pieces from around the world for many years, and slowly making our way from auction to auction armed with an Encyclopedia of hallmarks and magnifying glass and after many years collecting we have gained sufficient knowledge about antiques and collectibles that we finally decide to open a shop and show people what we love!

We have been very busy these last few years (having some fun along the way I might add!) and we have discovered some of the most fascinating items from all over the World.  Come and visit us on Chang Klan Road and we can tell you even more about what we do.

Our Alliance :

We are delighted to announce that we are the sole distributor for Moorcroft pottery in Thailand.  We will be bringing the latest ranges from the factory in Stoke-On-Trent to Thailand and will also be sourcing some of the finest pieces from collections around the World.

Our Chiang Mai Showroom :

Antiques chiang mai is spread over 100sqm with five meter high ceilings.  It is a custom designed showroom and the interior of the store has been designed specifically, to show antiques, glassware, silverware and of course our Moorcroft range, in surroundings that would show them in their best light. The front and sides are all glass, from floor to ceiling.  This allows as much natural light in as possible.

Our intention is to show our pieces as they look naturally.  The location is on one of the main roads into Chiang Mai, and within walking distance of Shangri La Hotel.  There is ample parking directly outside, so stopping by for a look, couldn’t be easier.

Whilst we are very close to the town, we are just far enough out that you can avoid the busiest areas. We are antiques enthusiasts, and we felt Chiang Mai was missing a quality London Style Antiques store, so we decided to do something about it.  Antiques Chiang Mai is the result!

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