Antique Investment Fund

An Exciting Investment Opportunity:

Collecting antiques is a popular and profitable hobby for many people around the world, there is something magical about the history behind pieces of Silver that were hand-made in the 18th century or items of Jewellery that may well have travelled more times around the world over the last 100 years than most people are able in a lifetime and it really is a great feeling when that same piece gains value the longer you have it in your collection.  But collecting antiques requires time, patience, knowledge and above all a keen eye, unfortunately many hobbyists aren’t able to travel around the world or the length and breadth of a country to each and every antique auction or fair and are thus at a disadvantage.  This is how the antiques investment fund was conceived – an opportunity for any antiques collector or speculator to experience the excitement of buying and selling antiques for profit but from the comfort of their own home.

As with any type of trading the buying and selling of antiques does carry a high-level of risk so while we are aiming to make a healthy return from the UK auction rooms our investors must be aware that there is no guarantee of profit and the possibility of loss of capital is present.

The antiques investment fund has been designed to allow flexible involvement in the trading of antique items.  Antiques Chiang Mai will be invested in every fund and after identifying signature items with a potential for profit we will invite collectors to invest with us to buy the antiques, which will then be sold.

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