Moorcroft – A Brief History

W. Moorcroft Ltd, trading as Moorcroft is a British art pottery manufacturer based in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.  The company was started by William Moorcroft in 1897 it then became independent from James Macintyre and Co and founded in 1913.

potMoorcroft pottery is the creation of the master potter history known as William Moorcroft – who was born in 1872. At the turn of the Century, Moorcroft’s work focused on the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau Movements.

The company started off as a studio with a ceramic company called James Macintyre and Co.  The firm quickly made its mark in the world, with the exquisite pieces of art it produced.  The designs and creativity came from the 24 year old William, who created the art pieces with his own hands, and engraved his initials into each and every piece. However, this was not very profitable for James Macintyre, who decided to split the company in 1913.

The Moorcroft factory produced an extensive array of moderately priced domestic tableware items in addition to its famous tube-lined, hand-painted art pottery.  Moorcroft’s reputation was enhanced when Queen Mary, a keen collector of his works, granted him a royal warrant in 1928.  Shortly before the death of William in 1945, his elder son, Walter Moorcroft, took control of the business, which he continued to develop.  The company’s royal warrant was re-issued in his name in 1946.

After buying the remaining interest in the business from London retailer “Liberty” the company suffered financial difficulties due to rising fuel and labour costs mainly attributable to the very labour intensive nature of producing high-quality, hand-painted pottery, however, Walters designs brought the company through these difficult times and his last design “Rock of Ages” was released in 1999. Walter resigned as Director of Design in 1987 and the current Senior Designer Rachel Bishop joined the company in 1993.

Our Alliance:

We are delighted to announce that we are the sole distributor for Moorcroft pottery in Thailand.  We will be bringing the latest ranges from the factory in Stoke-On-Trent to Thailand and will also be sourcing some of the finest pieces from collections around the World.

Moorcroft Pottery releases a new range often and we are very pleased to have access to them as soon as they roll off the production line.  We have made sure that the art enthusiasts in Thailand will get a chance to see them by showcasing them in our Chiang Mai showroom.

Moorcroft Members Club:

The most exclusive Moorcroft designs are reserved for royalty and members of the Moorcroft Club. A small club with dedicated members, The Moorcroft Club offers it members a number of excellent benefits, such as:

  • A membership card entitling you to a 10% Club discount in the Moorcroft Heritage Visitor Centre, Stoke-on-Trent, James Macintyre & Co in Leeds and Moorcroft in Windsor.
  • 4 color newsletter magazines each year.
  • A current Moorcroft gift ware catalogue each spring and a lamp catalogue each autumn.
  • A £50  (or Thai Baht equivalent) complimentary gift voucher to use on exclusive Club designs.
  • Access to the Club online ‘Locked Room’ and special pottery designs and original designers’ water colours.
  • Invitations to events at the factory and at prestige locations nationwide.
  • Advance notice of special Moorcroft promotions.
  • Free of charge tours of our factory.
  • The opportunity to purchase a piece of Moorcroft Pottery designed exclusively for Club members.
  • Apply to attend the annual Club Open Weekend each summer.

Contact us today for more information about becoming a member of the Moorcroft Club.

Retailers Programme:

If you would like to stock Moorcroft Pottery in your showroom, and join our retailers program, then contact us via the contact form, or E-Mail above with your name, contact details, and a brief description of your business, and we will contact you to discuss further details.

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