Antiques Chiang Mai stocks Genuine antiques.  Our professional team make sure to inspect all the items we have in our inventory.

Engraving Services:

Do you want to gift an antique piece to someone you know?  Are you looking to get your or their initials engraved on that piece of art?  We are here to help!  We provide our clients with professional engraving services, which can help you get your initials or whichever design you want; on any collectible you have or buy from us.  We use certified and tested engraving methods, in order to make sure that your collectible is not damaged in any way.

The Hunt:

Are you looking for something specific?  We can help you find it! Finding an antique piece in today’s thriving collectible’s market place is like finding a needle in a haystack.  However, with our methods and professionals set to work day and night, we can help you find anything you might be looking for.

Sell With Us:

Are you someone with a list of different collectibles on your antique cabinet?  Are you looking to sell your antique pieces and make some real money?  We are eager to buy from you!  Come down to our shop with your collectible and sell it to us in an extremely profitable pricing criterion!


We provide valuations to people who are looking to calculate the value of their certain antique piece. People have the opportunity to visit our shop, and ask us for valuation of a specific product, which they need to present to their insurance company.  Our professional team makes sure to provide you with an error-proof valuation and help you tackle the bewildering questions, asked by your insurance company.

Antique Investment Fund:

Unlike many other antique retailers around the globe, we make sure to offer our clients with innovative methods to take part in the antique industry, and fuel their passion for collectibles.  We offer an Antique Investment Fund, which is crafted for people who like to live life on the edge, and are willing to invest in a specialist investment technique.  For more information, visit our ‘Antique Investment Fund’ page!

If you have any queries related to our services, our pricing or how our Antique Investment Fund works, make sure to get in contact with our customer service team, through the contact form or the numbers provided, we will be happy to help you!

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